Did you know that a cyber attack is now 125 times more likely than a fire? However, only 38% of global organisations believe they are appropriately prepared to face such an attack.

Does your business have appropriate procedures in place in case of a cyber attack? Follow our advice to prepare for such an attack.

1. Incident response team

Most businesses have a team of people who are in charge of fire safety procedures. You should follow the same idea in order to prepare for a cyber attack. The team should include employee representatives or members of the Human Resources department as the breach may seriously affect employees and their data. The incident response team should also include members of your legal department. Obviously there are huge legal implications for every cyber attack and security breach, it’s imperative that your business is able to understand and respond to these issues appropriately.

2. Identify and Isolate

You need to plan how you’ll identify and isolate a security breach in an acceptable recovery time in order to minimise the impact the attack might have on your business. This includes securing your IT systems in order to contain the breach and ensure it is not ongoing.

3. Notify regulators

You are legally required to notify the appropriate regulators of any cyber security breach involving public and/or third party data.

 4. Public relations

If you don’t have a dedicated PR team you’ll probably want to engage with an outside PR consultancy to manage the media and public reaction to the security breach. It’s imperative that your business is timely, accurate and honest in their messages. This will help to minimize the reputational damage that can be caused by such an attack.


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