In an ongoing saga that first reared its head back in July of this year, Virgin Media mail subscribers continue to experience problems with legitimate emails falling foul of malfunctioning spam filters. When Google cut Gmail support for ISPs this year, Virgin Media moved its subscribers email accounts to its own in-house system. Unfortunately, the spam filters employed in this system are unable to recognise certain legitimate emails for what they are and rejects them with alarming regularity. The customers who have been most affected by this fault are those with legacy email accounts.

While one may be forgiven for thinking that a company of the stature of Virgin Media would have fixed such a major issue in a timely manner, this is clearly not the case. The number of complaints still being posted on the company’s forum are evidence of the fact that this issue continues to affect many customers and needs to be addressed to staunch the flow of defectors from the media giant’s internet services.

A company spokesperson acknowledged the problem recently but assured customers that they were working on a solution. The spokesperson stated that they were currently working in tandem with businesses who were affected by the issue to make sure that erroneously rejected emails would get through in the future. Whether they are doing enough as far as regular customers are concerned remains to be seen. Some have announced on the forum that they will be moving to an alternative ISP because they simply cannot afford to lose important emails.