The latest email phishing scam sweeping the web attempts to trick users to call criminals and provide them with credit card details and other personal information, internet security website Hoax Slayer revealed. However, spotting the phony email shouldn’t be difficult, due to the incorrect spelling of “security” in the title of the message, which mistakenly reads “secutiry info.”

The message is supposed to be from the “technical security services department,” and claims that there is an error in the recipient’s account. It then goes on to say that this error might result in suspension unless the recipient calls the phone number included in the message. The email then instructs recipients to provide their credit card details over the phone in order to regain access to their account.

Needless to say, the email is not legitimate and does not come from any security department. It is a classic phishing scam created to fool recipients into providing financial and sensitive personal information to cybercriminals. In fact, the scam is very similar to so many other phishing campaigns. Most of those emails, though, are trying to get people’s personal info by urging them to click on a link, or by attaching a malicious form to the email for users to fill.

In this case, the message is a little bolder, as it makes people call the criminals directly on the phone. After people finish the call, the cybercriminal is armed with the user’s personal details, and can use those details to make transactions and eventually hijack bank accounts.