In 2016, the number of cloud users in the UK increased to 68% – up from 48% in 2015. The increase in versatility, adaptability and scalability are just some of the factors that have led users to make the switch. However, security concerns continue to discourage a number of companies from moving their data and applications from private servers to public servers. What are the security fears of cloud computing? And should they be taken seriously?

Data loss

You might have heard about when Amazon suffered data loss by permanently destroying their customers data in 2011. Google also lost data when their power grid was struck by lightning four times. The fact is when you store your data on cloud services, it can be lost through malicious attack, natural disaster or a data wipe by the service provider. You can protect your data from malicious attacks by implementing a gateway between your infrastructure and the internet such as MailCleaner.

Shared responsibilities

The responsibility of cloud security is shared between the provider and the client. This means you need to take preventative measures to protect your company’s data. This should include everything from ensuring passwords are regularly changed right up to installing a software solution that protects your business from spam and other threats that could compromise your online security.

Abuse of services

As cloud computing services have expanded and continue to do so, it has become relatively easy for enterprises of any size to host huge amounts of data. This remarkable storage capacity brings with it its own issues. We’ve found that hackers and unauthorised users can access business’ cloud systems to host and spread malware, illegal software and other digital properties. In order to reduce the risk of such abuse, you should set clear guidelines regarding what your employees can host in the cloud and use an anti spam security application to protect your business from hackers and unauthorised users.

Just like any system, cloud computing brings with it its own security risks, but this shouldn’t deter you from making the switch. Instead you should ensure that you implement best security practices and employ a software solution such as MailCleaner to protect your business. We offer professional protection against viruses and eliminate 99% of spam thereby defending your business from security threats. To find out more about the protection we offer and to start your free trial visit our comparison product page.