Scammers are continually targeting innocent internet users and now they are turning their focus to users of messaging service Viber with an email claiming the user has a new voicemail, Hoax Slayer warns.

The email urges people to click on a button in order to listen the message, but instead of opening a voicemail the button opens a pharmacy website selling medications without prescription. The website may contain malware software and Hoax Slayer advises not to click on any links if such an email finds its way to your inbox, as scammers rely on people’s curiosity and know someone is likely to click on the message.

Considering how often users are warned against such an approach by cybercriminals, this tactic apparently still works and still leads to downloads and sales. It is highly recommended users do not order medication from online sources as such websites cannot be trusted with users’ financial details or to supply the products advertised on the site.

People should not forget that medications they buy from such websites can interfere with other medicines they are currently taking, which can potentially be very dangerous and could lead to potential health issues.

Aside from the obvious dangers, users need to provide their credit or debit card information in order to make a purchase from such websites, but often such pages are insecure. Any website that uses an approach like the fake voicemail message should not be trusted, especially with sensitive information such as credit card or personal information.