Last year we saw businesses and consumers alike tormented by cybercrime including ransomware, phishing and critical data breaches. Reports show that in 2018 ransomware attacks will continue to grow. Hackers know that a lot of people don’t backup their data so they’ll gain access to a system, encrypt the data and deny the victim access to their own data until they pay a large sum of money. Experts are predicting that this year we’ll see a great deal more ransomware attacks on individuals.

We also know that hackers are becoming increasingly innovative in regards to their ransomware attack methods. Criminals can now purchase ransomware source codes on the underground web market. This means ransomware attacks are no longer limited to experienced hackers. Anyone can now purchase the source codes in order to carry out a ransomware attack.

How can both individuals and businesses protect themselves from ransomware attacks

1. Backup your data
Ensure that you regularly update all your documents and all your data. Should you fall victim to a ransomware attack if all your important data is backed up your business won’t grind to a halt.

2. Don’t underestimate the importance of education
Stay up to date with the latest news in ransomware attacks and the cybersecurity news so you know what you’re up against. You also need to make sure that every one of your employees is educated in cybersecurity best practice. This includes training how to securely use personal devices that are connected to your network.

3. Invest in your cybersecurity
It is essential that you invest in a software solution to protect your business from cyber crooks and ransomware attacks. In the long run, anti spam security software will save you and your business an infinite amount of money both in the form of ransom demanded by attackers and in business lost should your company’s reputation be damaged when your critical data is compromised.


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