For lots of businesses, allowing employees to work remotely isn’t a new concept. Lots of businesses now operate online, and it has become easier than ever for employees to take care of their workload from home or elsewhere. Under the current climate, more employees are working remotely than ever before, but this poses the question: how can businesses make sure their data is secure? If your workforce is operating away from the office, how can you ensure your company’s data is still protected? Here, we offer our top tips for maintaining your business’ data security with remote workers.


Supply your employees with laptops

If you have the resources available, consider supplying your employees with a company laptop to work remotely with. This way, you can make sure your employees have access to the highest standard of anti-virus and anti-spam software. If they have to work from their personal computers, your data might become vulnerable to internet hackers.


Stay away from public Wi-Fi networks

Step two is making sure your employees don’t leave your data vulnerable by connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Although your employees may enjoy working from coffee shops from time to time, they shouldn’t connect to a public server when dealing with confidential information. Ask them to use a private Wi-Fi connection as much as possible and make sure it has a secure password.


Use a password management system

If your employees are working remotely, consider setting up a password management system. Using a password management system is a simple yet effective way to increase the security of your company data; by using randomised passwords, you make it harder for criminals to gain access to important information, even if your employees’ laptop gets lost or stolen while working remotely.


Install encryption software on all company devices

Before allowing your employees to work remotely, make sure your company devices are operating with encryption software. This will prevent internet criminals from gaining access to your company’s protected files and will increase your business’ internet security, even if your employees aren’t connected to a secure network.


Use anti-spam software for your organisation

This is the most effective way to protect your data against viruses, spyware, ransomware and other harmful programs. Communicating via email is even more important when your employees are working remotely, so minimise the risk of harmful malware from corrupting your data by installing high-quality anti-spam software.

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