New scam emails containing malware software are threatening the security of PC users. The emails, entitled “Incoming Fax Report,” are asking people to click on a link that redirects them to a website displaying a “Please wait” message; this page then attempts to load a script and thereafter to redirect the user to a malware-loaded page, where people are tricked into downloading malicious software, Hoax Slayer warns.

The configuration of the spam email and website may vary but they are all capable of performing various malicious activities, such as stealing sensitive information from the computer in question, before sending it to cybercriminals. The malicious software could also allow criminals to remotely control the system and connect the computer to a botnet, or could even download more harmful content that can perform other functions.

Faxes can be emailed and received via online faxing services, and these services may deliver an email to users informing them they have received a fax. However, the use of fax machines has declined rapidly over the past few years. The spam campaign is thought rely on the few remaining users of fax machines who may click on the links without thinking twice.

The cybercriminals also take advantage of naïve and panicked users who may think their bank account has been hacked, and click on the link to make sure that no transactions have been made without their knowledge.

Security experts advise users to be very cautious when clicking on suspicious links. Hoax Slayer also warns people to be wary about unsolicited emails claiming they have a fax waiting online.