How can you protect your business against the most sophisticated cyber attacks?

Unfortunately, as technology and business become increasingly advanced, the cyber attacks that plague us become more and more sophisticated. The question we therefore need to ask is, how can you protect your business against the most sophisticated cyber attacks?

1. Education

By reading this blog you’re already taking the first steps to protecting your business from sophisticated cyber attacks. It’s important to educate yourself and research cyber safety. If you have a team of staff it’s also imperative that you inform them all of cyber security best practices.

 2. Encryption

Experts agree that ‘an effective cyber crime protection strategy must consist of two elements: preventing physical access to sensitive data and rendering that data useless if it falls into the wrong hands. You can achieve the latter by encrypting your data. Most modern operating systems now include full-disk encryption and are able to encrypt all the data on a computer when it’s at rest.

 3. Back up

We’d also advise you to back up your data and have a safe, separate storage location. Should your business fall victim to a ransomware attack the hackers will lock you out of your system, encrypting your essential and sensitive data and demand a ransom before granting you access. If your data is safely backed up you’ll be one step ahead of the attackers.

4. Secure your hardware

Securing your organisation’s hardware might seem blindingly obvious but it’s an integral step that’s often overlooked. There are three essential steps we’d recommend every business takes to ensure the safety and security of their hardware.

  1. Insist on strong, complicated passwords that are regularly changed and never written down.
  2. Install ‘find my device’ software on all devices including laptops, phones and tablets.
  3. Set all devices to automatically lock after five minutes of no use.

 5. Professional protection

To effectively protect your business from the most sophisticated cyber attacks it’s essential that you invest in anti spam, cybersecurity software. MailCleaner offers professional protection against viruses and eliminates up to 99% of spam. Our software will stop malware before it even reaches yours and your employees’ inboxes. Each message you receive is analysed and the harmful ones are sent to a quarantined zone where they aren’t able to cause any damage in the future.