While the internet can be a very useful tool, sometimes it can come with hidden dangers. One of these threats, websites which trick users into downloading unwanted software, is currently being targeted by Google, a company which stands to gain a lot from improving the trustworthiness and safety of their online products and services.

Those using the Chrome browser on their computer or smartphone will get the following warning displayed in bright red if they unwittingly click on a potentially malicious site:

“The site ahead contains harmful programs

The site you’re trying to visit may try to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, by changing your homepage or showing extra ads on sites you visit)”

Clicking the Back to Safety button will return the user to the browser without exposing them to any malicious software or downloads. This new layer of security works in a similar manner to anti spam email filters in that they remove a threat by quarantining the harmful website or message while notifying the user automatically. Google has ensured that this feature is available on Chrome for personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

Those using Google’s web browser will now be protected from the following dangers:

  • Annoying website redirects
  • Automatic APK downloads
  • Other malicious file types

Just as you have installed an anti-spam filter in your email inbox, so too should you make the switch to Chrome for added online security. Since both are constantly being upgraded to protect against the latest threats, they will give you a safer web experience and send a message to spammers of all types that their activities won’t be tolerated in the slightest.