Four Things That Students Should Know About Internet Safety

it security

Despite the internet being one of the most useful resources we have, not everyone who uses it has good intentions. As the internet continues to develop hackers and viruses become more sophisticated making them harder to spot. Everyone must have good knowledge of internet safety including children and young people.

In this blog, we discuss four important areas that students should know about the internet.

Spam emails

Everyone will receive a spam email at some point but sometimes it can be hard to distinguish a genuine email from a malicious one. Always be wary of emails you receive from unknown people. Never click any of the links you are sent if you feel uncertain about where they might lead, look at the sender’s email address and the formatting of the email. Often, hackers will pose as your bank or another account to gain access so be careful!


Unprotected websites are often filled with annoying pop-ups. Always be wary of the website you’re clicking on and look out for HTTPS in the website URL as this is a good indicator as to how safe a website is. Pop-ups are usually alerts saying you’ve won a competition or something similar, however, clicking on them can spread viruses to your computer or computer networks.

Insecure networks

If you’re out and about and find a public WIFI you connect to it, right? Wrong! Of course, not all public WIFI is dangerous but some of it is and using it can put you at risk of using unencrypted networks that allow people to see everything that you’re doing, slip malware onto your device and hijack your accounts.


We all know that we shouldn’t use the same password for everything but that doesn’t stop us from doing it! Unfortunately, if your internet security is breached as your password is accessed hackers will be able to access even more of your information if you’re using the same password. A good way around this is to use a password generator which provides you with a random combination of letters and numbers and is much harder to guess or hack!

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