Four Benefits of the Cloud for Remote Workers

A healthy work/life balance is essential for employees, to allow for greater job satisfaction and ensure they’re being as productive as possible. The unprecedented challenges posed by Covid-19 has also forced many businesses to reassess how they work and make the shift from in-house to remote working.

Remote working allows employees to be more flexible with their time and many businesses are finding that remote working has actually increased productivity and output. Cloud computing is one essential part of remote working and a mid-March survey of CIOs from brokerage firm Instinet found that 68% of respondents would make cloud services more of a priority by 2021.

The cloud has many benefits for your business and any employees working remotely, so find out more about this technology and how it could enhance your workplace.

Enhanced security

Cloud computing is designed with the maximum cyber security in mind and it can help increase the level of security for remote workers. With the cloud, data is stored at a remote data centre so the chances of theft or security breaches are minimal. You can also add additional security measures such as passwords, encryption for files and cloud-based anti-spam software.

Easy accessibility

One of the most popular benefits of the cloud is its seamless accessibility; employees have 24/7 access to the information they need, from any location. The cloud also makes it easier to give specific employee access to different information (using passwords or specific logins), for added security.

Work flexibility

Many employees are prioritising flexible working going forward and the cloud allows them to work from home, in a cafe or even in another country. It’s also very easy to share information between colleagues via a single server, giving your workers the flexibility to access and share documents as and when they need.


Cloud computing systems can be easily scaled up to accommodate more remote workers as and when you need. Employees are also likely to be using their own laptops or smart devices, so there’s no need to invest money in additional desktops or monitors. This allows companies to grow their workforce without worrying about additional office space, and it’s also very easy to add extra memory or CPU to your cloud system.

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