A message to Facebook users telling them their account will be disabled unless they provide their details has been debunked as a phishing scheme, Hoax Slayer reports.

The e-mail, apparently from Facebook’s security team, claims that suspicious activity has been monitored on the person’s account and advises users to follow the link provided within 12 hours to avoid the person’s profile being permanently deleted from the social network.

Clicking on the link will transfer users to a phony Facebook page that requires a login with the person’s e-mail and password. However the information entered is in fact sent directly to information hijackers who are likely to use the data to commit financial fraud with the user’s details.

It is also likely that once the hijackers have obtained the details, they will change the account name to something like “Facebook Security.” The fraudsters can then use the new account to target the user’s friend list and send a new round of phishing messages to their contacts. By doing this, the scammers provide themselves with a larger target pool, increasing their chances of obtaining more sensitive information.

This is not the first case where bogus Facebook messages have affected users, according to the article. People should be wary of emails claiming to originate from Facebook’s security teams. It is recommended that individuals enter the Facebook page through its original web address or a credible application, rather than through a provided link. It’s also important to keep anti-spam software up-to-date to help protect your data online.