Whether it’s by closing the curtains in your house or putting a password on your mobile phone, there’s one thing we all want to have respected – our privacy. Privacy isn’t just about guarding ourselves from nosiness, but also about keeping our personal information safe. You probably wouldn’t share your home address with complete strangers, so it’s important to protect your email address too.

Why should you protect your emails against spam?

They’re a waste of time

First and foremost, spam emails are annoying! Whether you use email to communicate for work purposes or simply to chat to your friends, nobody wants to be met by a barrage of useless spam emails every time they sign into their account. Quite often spam emails multiply, as once one server has your email address many others are likely to access it too. It’s extremely time-consuming to have to read through irrelevant emails, especially if you have to delete them manually. This is a particular problem for those running businesses, as having to delete spam emails from your employees’ computers is simply a waste of time and effort.

They’re harmful

Secondly, spam emails can be much more dangerous than people often realise. Hackers have become much more intelligent in the previous year alone, and will continue to become better at extracting personal information from recipients. Unfortunately, some emails sent as phishing scams look incredibly realistic, showing the correct logo and using similar email addresses to legitimate companies. It can therefore be very difficult to determine which are real and which are fake, leading some people to reveal personal information they wouldn’t otherwise share.

They pose a threat to your company’s reputation

Perhaps most importantly, it’s necessary for businesses to protect their clients’ information – especially addresses and financial details. Leaking this information could be detrimental to your company and could tarnish your reputation. In addition to this, some emails contain viruses which use your email address to spread malware further. Sending out these emails could seriously damage the credibility of your company name and deter people from trusting your brand.

Why do you need a spam filter?

When it comes to protecting yourself against spam emails, there is only so much you can do without a spam filter. There are actions you can take, such as sending emails from unknown addresses straight to junk, but there are certain limitations with this. Not only can some spam emails slip through the cracks, but you also run the risk of missing important emails. That’s why a spam filter, which prevents harmful emails and malware from reaching your inbox in the first place, is key to email safety. Successful filters can analyse the content of each email, scanning them for telltale signs and deciding whether or not they are important. With Mailcleaner’s spam email filter, you can rest assured that 99% of your unwanted messages are marked as junk.

If you’re ready to invest in an email spam filter, contact us at Mailcleaner today to see how we can help you.