Don’t Miss Important Emails

When discussing ways to avoid computer viruses, trojans and other malicious code, most people naturally focus their conversations on the solutions that are designed to block the vehicles used to deliver such malware, namely anti-spam software. The vast majority of modern malware is sent as attachments to spam emails and, when these attachments are opened by unwary recipients, the code they contain is installed on the recipients’ computers. Filters that stop such emails from ever reaching your inbox are therefore an extremely effective way to avoid malicious code. However, one topic that is less commonly discussed and that merits more attention is the task of ensuring that your anti-spam measures do not result in important messages failing to get through.

How to Make Sure Genuine Messages Are Received

While even the best spam filters will sometimes produce false positives, there are measures you can take to reduce the odds of important emails not being able to reach your inbox.

  • Check Your Junk Folder on a Regular Basis – You do not need to look at every email directed to your junk mail folder, as that would defeat much of the point of having a spam filter in the first place, but you should have a quick look at what is in there once in a while. If you happen to spot any messages from genuine senders, you can mark them as such, thereby ensuring they will land in your inbox in the future.
  • Make Your Spam Folder Visible – If you use a web-based email service such as Gmail, you will probably find that the spam or junk folder is hidden from view by default. It is a good idea to change this behaviour so that you can keep an eye on the number of messages being directed to the folder. That way, you can easily see if there is anything in there without even having to open it. This is particularly useful when trying to trace an email that you know has gone missing as you will be able to see straight away whether it might have landed in your junk folder rather than your inbox.
  • Ask Senders to Request a Receipt Notification – Many email clients have a feature that allows users to request a receipt notification when the emails they send are opened and this is an excellent way for your contacts to ensure that the messages they send to you do not go astray.
  • Use a High Quality Filter – Invest in the best anti-spam filter you can afford and the chances of legitimate emails being blocked or dumped in your junk folder will be significantly reduced. Solutions that make use of sophisticated algorithms to detect spam mail are among the most effective in this respect.

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