Nowadays, email is essential for any business. It makes communication between members of your staff, customers, clients and shareholders seamless and simple. However, in turn it brings with it risks that could ruin your business if they aren’t taken seriously. Are you aware of why data confidentiality is so important in emails?

Take a second to think about the sheer amount of sensitive data that is processed by your organisation every day: personnel information, financial performance, strategic forecasting. It’s imperative that this kind of information is kept secure no matter where it resides.

Email security is a lot more than just protection from threats; it also involves protecting your business’ confidential data by complying to legal, industry and government requirements. If you don’t comply to these requirements and suffer a serious security breach you could face a significant fine. Such an event would also cause a lot of damage to your business’ reputation which would in turn lead you to lose existing clients and deter potential customers.

A data confidentiality breach over email can leave your business open to a range of attacks from cyber criminals. Ransomware attacks can encrypt your files so that you are unable to access them before demanding payment. A ransomware attack can cause both your business to grind to a halt and leave confidential data in the hands of criminals. Spear phishing attacks involve criminals posing as a trusted member of your organisation via email in order to try and obtain sensitive data from unsuspecting employees.

Take steps to ensure your organisation’s data confidentiality, install anti spam software such as Mailcleaner. Mailcleaner offers a unique and effective spam filter solution so that all data is analysed and your confidentiality is guaranteed. As Mailcleaner is an entirely Open Source product, each client who wishes to do so can audit the source code. This means the client can be 100% sure of how the product operates in every aspect. This open approach that we offer is the highest guarantee of trust and confidentiality that a software company can offer.

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