In the last few years the threat of cyber-attacks have skyrocketed. It’s obvious therefore that your corporate online security is hugely important. According to a recent report by the UK government “cyber risk is seen as a top, or group-level risk amongst 54% of FTSE 350 Boards.”

But on whose shoulders does the responsibility of corporate online security fall?

The simple answer is that it’s everyone’s responsibility. When you adopt this attitude and develop a company wide culture it makes it much easier to protect your business and minimises the likelihood of a successful cyber attack.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Reports show that only A fifth (20%) of businesses have had staff attend any form of cyber security training in the last 12 months, with non-specialist staff being particularly unlikely to have attended.’ (source : Cyber Breaches Report, 2017).

Your employees must be aware of their personal responsibility. We’d always advise you to provide up to date training on email security best practices and to ensure that processes are in places and are strictly adhered to.

Each department has their own responsibilities regarding corporate online security, these include:

  • The responsibility of relaying the correct training and processes to new recruits normally falls to the human resources department
  • The sales and marketing departments need to ensure the data of individuals outside the organisation including customers is safeguarded. This is particularly important for online sales
  • The legal team need to create a clear plan in case of a security breach. They also need to ensure your organisation complies with laws and regulations including GDPR (general data protection regulation)
  • The IT department ensure that your business is protected with up to date, effective software. At MailCleaner we understand that cybersecurity can appear an intimidating prospect, that’s why we see it as our responsibility to provide your business with professional protection from cyber attacks while eliminating up to 99% of spam

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