In recent times, we’ve found that innovation has driven the internet into almost all areas of our lives and businesses. That’s why corporate email security is now more important than ever. But as the risks and viruses become more sophisticated and malicious how can you minimise the risks and guarantee email security?

Don’t underestimate internal threats

Cybercriminals know that the biggest threat to any company’s email security is their employees. Employee training and education is the most effective way of combatting employee negligence, data loss and security breaches. Your employees should be able to recognise phishing emails and other forms of malware.

Secure passwords

All employees should have their own password for their work computer and the business email system. These passwords should be reset every 3 months. It’s important to bear in mind that the strongest passwords contain at least 12 characters and a combination of numbers, symbols, lower-case letters and letters. We’d also advise you to avoid using something too obvious such as birthdays for your passwords.

Stay ahead of the curve

Email security breaches are often hitting the headlines. Stay aware of the changing landscape of corporate email security by reading up on the ever-evolving industry.

Invest in email security

It’s imperative to ensure that the security surrounding the data you send by email is airtight.

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