It is now essential to protect your business from the latest email viruses and cyber security threats. You might not be aware of just how easy it is to protect your business from threats thanks to cloud-based anti-spam solutions.

A cloud-based anti-spam solution is a really simple and easy way to protect your business from spam and cybercrime. It’s the perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses, or private individuals who have a domain name but don’t have a large enough network infrastructure to demand a dedicated filtering server. The MailCleaner cloud-based anti-spam solution is offered as a service that is hosted and maintained directly on MailCleaner’s backbone network. Email destined for your domain is routed through the MailCleaner filter.

Cloud-based anti-spam solutions are a much more cost-effective option for some businesses. They don’t require any additional onsite hardware infrastructure or software licenses and no technology is required to maintain the spam filtering. The Mailcleaner cloud-based anti-spam solution offers scalable email protection. This means that we will change the price to suit the size of your enterprise.

Cloud-based services also work in real time, therefore your email will be constantly monitored and spam threats will be identified and removed before entering your network.

Spam threats, malware and viruses are constantly evolving. It’s therefore imperative that your security system is always up to date. Updates to cloud-based anti-spam solutions are completed by the host (for example, MailCleaner). This ensures you can focus on running your business, without having to worry about being protected from the newest spam attacks.

You’ll also find that MailCleaner’s anti-spam solution is easy for you to control. The user management interface is built directly on the MailCleaner server. You can force the delivery of certain messages, check the overall state of the quarantine and change the frequency at which periodic reports are sent to you using this simple tool.

Compared to other filtering solutions on the market today, the service that MailCleaner offers is unbeatable in reliability, simplicity and efficiency. Visit MailCleaner Cloud today to find out more about MailCleaner’s cloud-based anti-spam solution and to calculate the cost for your enterprise.