Every day we are inundated with an array of irrelevant spam emails in our inbox that aren’t just irritating but can be malicious and potentially dangerous. How can you stop the mountains of spam from reaching your inbox and protect your business from the threats they may pose?

Read the small print

When you sign up to most services or make a purchase online the terms and conditions will often invite you to consent to receiving marketing emails. Most of the time this consent is assumed unless you specifically opt out. Ensuring you do this is a mundane task that most of us forget to do, however it can protect your inbox from nuisance spam emails. You might also choose to create an alternative email address for signing up to websites and services.

Mark spam when you see it

It might seem obvious but marking spam when you see it, without clicking into the email if you can help it, it will protect your email inbox from spam email from that same sender in the future.

Never respond to spam

Replying to a spam email or clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the email will only generate more spam because the sender will then know for certain that the email address is valid.

Install anti spam software

Anti spam software is the best way to stop spam emails and protect your business from the risk they pose. Mailcleaner ensures that 99% of unwanted spam email is stopped from entering your inbox by combining intelligence algorithms and frequent updates. Spam is automatically sent into a quarantined zone where it can’t cause any damage in the future. Mailcleaner can be easily and quickly installed either as a hosted version on the cloud or as a software solution for local installation. It’s the perfect anti-spam software solution for a business of any size as it is fully scalable. Our customers also benefit from guaranteed support from our dedicated team.

Find out more about how Mailcleaner anti-spam software can stop spam emails at MailCleaner