In today’s digital age, avoiding junk mail can seem like an impossible task. If you aren’t protected against internet spam, checking your emails may turn into what seems like a never-ending task. This is just one reason why we at MailCleaner are so committed to protecting you from the junk mail plaguing the internet.

To begin, here are our 3 top tips for keeping your inbox tidy and spam free.

1. Learn to recognise spam mail

Unfortunately, it’s likely that there is already spam mail lurking in your inbox that you either haven’t recognised or just haven’t dealt with yet. Hackers and fraudsters are becoming more and more intelligent, and are finding new and innovative ways to deceive people through email.

If you do receive emails you think may be suspicious, you should:

  • Check the email address. Does it look legitimate, or does it contain unusual characters or words that you don’t recognise? If in doubt, check the company in question’s website or give them a quick phone call.
  • Read the email. Is the text full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? Is it asking you to share personal information? If yes, it probably hasn’t come from a reputable sender.

2. Protect your identity

You’re unlikely to give your personal details to a stranger on the street, so be careful when sharing it with companies you don’t trust. This includes handing over your email address, which fraudsters can use to contact you and may share with other third parties. If you do start to receive emails from third-party senders, flag them as ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ straight away to ensure that you don’t receive messages from them again.

3. Invest in a professional spam filter

Many email servers will offer basic spam email filters, but for comprehensive protection it’s a good idea to invest in a professionally-designed service. At MailCleaner, we understand the importance of data confidentiality and a clean inbox, which is why our filter protects against viruses and eliminates up to 99% of spam. Time is money, especially for enterprises, so don’t waste it sorting through unwanted junk mail.

Are you ready to say goodbye to spam? Visit our website for more information today.