Get Safe Online has urged businesses to ensure they have adequate cyber security, following research which found that over half (51%) of Brits have fallen victim to cybercrime.

Wired reports that the threat posed by cybercriminals is only set to heighten given the increasing time people spend online.

The Get Safe Online study reveals that even though more and more people are seeing cybercrime first hand, few know how to go about dealing with hacks. Less than half (47%) of people were unsure of where to report the crime, while only 14% of victims who sought out their perpetrators were successful.

“Our research shows just how serious a toll cybercrime can take – both on the wallet and the well-being,” said Tony Neate, chief executive of Get Safe Online.

The UK cyber market is estimated to worth over £80 billion a year – and the figure is rising. The government has set out a long-term economic goal to make the UK a safe place to do business in cyberspace.

Francis Maude, minister for the Cabinet Office, highlighted the government’s £860 million Cyber Security Programme, which aims to “help all businesses protect vital information assets.”

Get Safe Online recently tried to make online users aware of threats from online criminals, offering some simple protective measures, which include creating strong passwords and generally being vigilant when shopping online – alongside the necessary defensive software.

It also advised people who fall victim to cybercrime to report the incident to Action Fraud, which offers victim support consisting of free and confidential advice.