Are Spam Emails Dangerous?

We’ve all received spam emails at one point or another. They’re frustrating, time-consuming and sometimes downright ridiculous. However, spam emails can also be dangerous – especially for businesses. After all, cybercriminals employ email spam tactics for a reason. It’s never a good idea to ignore a spam email problem – whether you host one email account or hundreds. Here’s why.

Cybercriminals are becoming more intelligent

Years ago, it used to be fairly easy to spot spam mail, however, it’s slowly becoming more difficult. This is because cybercriminals are becoming more and more intelligent, and are using sophisticated methods to trick victims into handing over personal details or money. Even the most tech savvy email users often have trouble distinguishing between spam and marketing emails, which is worrying given that spam emails often contain harmful malware. This brings us onto the next point.

Spam emails can contain harmful malware

Today, many spam email tactics are much more insidious than trying to gain access to your online shopping accounts. In fact, malware scams have become more common over the years – one of the most dangerous types of email scam. Malware is designed to infect the device or server it’s been sent to, often requesting ransom payments from the computer or server owner or harnessing important and confidential data. This can be detrimental for all businesses, especially those with access to client financial information.

Phishing attacks can lead to a loss of data

Another harmful type of email scam is phishing. Phishing attacks are those which pretend to come from legitimate organisations, but are simply a front to obtain information from large numbers of unsuspecting email users. Phishing attacks often disguise themselves behind large and globally trusted brands (e.g. Apple or Mastercard) and might ask recipients to click on a link, input their login information or pay an advance fee for a service. For people who often receive emails from these companies, it can be very difficult to spot a phishing email.

How can email users avoid spam emails?

The most effective way to avoid becoming a victim of spam email is to invest in an anti-spam filter such as MailCleaner. MailCleaner sits between email servers and the internet and is designed to filter out unwanted emails, including those which contain harmful malware or viruses, before they reach your inbox. Investing in an anti-spam filter is especially important for enterprises, as malware or phishing attacks can lead to significant employee downtime and financial losses.

For more information about MailCleaner and its benefits for enterprises, get in touch with our team of experts today. We’re on hand to discuss your anti-spam requirements.