Online Safety Basics For A New Internet User


The internet is a precarious place for newcomers. As experienced web-users, you may have built up a knowledge of online security practices over a sustained period of time, but this huge volume of information can easily be taken for granted. At MailCleaner, we strive to offer protection so you don’t need to worry about phishing, malware or the presence of harmful viruses. We can help by stopping harmful content before it even reaches you or your employees’ inboxes. Our spam tools ensure that more than 99% of unwanted messages are blocked. MailCleaner’s email filter maintains ideal phishing protection, analysing each message so you only receive those that are actually important to you.

Continue reading to discover some of the online safety basics that should be considered for any amateur web-user.

Limit Personal Information And Be Observant

Personal information can easily be compromised if not protected adequately. One of the basics of internet safety is ensuring sensitive info is guarded from prying eyes. Be it social media or when shopping for products, there are measures to consider which offer added guarantees that your data is secure. Always be careful when using free Wi-Fi, never click unfamiliar links or download attachments from people you don’t know and always double check if a site is secure before accessing it. One way to do this is by looking for a lock symbol in the search bar or scanning for “http” at the beginning of the web address – these are indications that a site is safe to use.

Use Strong Passwords

Using the same password for every service is a common trait shared by hordes of internet users, but this can equal disaster if an undesirable manages to discover what your password is. You may imagine that someone determining the log-in information for your social media doesn’t compromise much, and this may be true, but if this password is the same for online banking and shopping accounts, the consequences could be very different. Random password generators exist to helpfully come up with a complex password for you  – These unique combinations of letters and numbers  are unlikely to be guessable by others, making certain that you have the very best phishing protection..

Choose Reliable Antivirus Software

Many computers come with antivirus software pre-installed, though it is always worth looking around for the option which best suits you. Free trials exist for many of the most popular packages, and the more comprehensive antivirus software installations may be on the pricey side, but investing in competent protection can save you a world of hassle. Important to consider is the duties you will be performing on your PC – If you anticipate a lot of sensitive info passing through your device, then perhaps it would be wise to pay extra for an advanced antivirus software package.

Secure Your Emails With MailCleaner

Many harmful viruses and  phishing scams stem from nefarious emails, and MailCleaner is a security solution for any company. From small independent traders to large corporations, our anti-spam software provides the best virtual enterprise protection available. Our spam tools and  email filter software are guaranteed to be the best blocker for any unwanted files or phishing emails, instantly improving your email security. Whether you want a shared or virtual cloud based solution, contact us today.