Cluster ++

MailCleaner Enterprise + Cloud Virtual Appliance !

MailCleaner “Enterprise Solution” (MC Virtual Appliance) or “ISP / ASP”, installed at the customer premises, can easily be extended on multiple hosts for the same license price, to increase security and redundancy with load balancing or failover.

Do you know that you can also protect yourself against Internet connection or firewall failure by combining an additional MailCleaner on the Cloud, in cluster with your own already existing MailCleaner servers?

Like this for example, you can have two MailCleaner in your premises with a higher MX priority, and a third MailCleaner in our datacenter with a lower priority MX. These 3 MailCleaner will be part of the same cluster and share the same configuration. Any modification on your Master at your office will automatically be replicated to the Cloud node.

If your Internet connection, Firewall, falls down, all your email feed will go through the third MailCleaner, filtered, and queued.
When your equipment will be up again, the third MailCleaner will deliver the clean legitimate messages to your mail servers.

This kind of configuration is really simple to setup and will allow you to be compliant with the strictest certifications.

This option is provided at a 30% extra cost of the “Enterprise Premium” (MC Virtual Appliance) license.