Lots of us may travel a lot, for work or pleasure, visiting lots of different places on our trips, but are you doing everything you can to keep yourself and your devices safe?

Here are some tips to protect your devices while travelling:

Secure your data

It’s a good idea to prepare which devices you want to bring with you and take some precautions before you leave. Back up your data in case of loss or theft and install a VPN to make surfing the web safer. It may also be worth installing a local security solution with anti-malware software to guard your devices from any malicious attacks.

Keep your phone or tablet in the shade

You may have to have your phone or tablet on you to keep up with emails while travelling. But while you’re not using it, make sure your phone is kept in the shade to avoid it overheating and damaging your phone. If your phone gets too hot the internal components could break and your battery could even explode.

Keep your devices in the hotel safe

You wouldn’t want to lose your laptop, Hardrive, USB or other important devices while exploring your new location, so make use of the safe in your hotel room and only take them out when you need to use them. You can never be sure who has access to your room so find a secure spot to make sure they’re kept safe alongside any important paper documents.

Avoid connecting to free public WiFi

Although it can be tempting to quickly check emails while at the airport or train station, try not to connect to any unsecured WiFi. Some countries have different data laws so it’s better to stay safe by choosing password-protected networks and a VPN to prevent eavesdropping on your data.

Avoid using USB charging ports

Lots of places for travellers like airports, trains or cafes have USB ports to charge devices. It’s safer to avoid using these because they could potentially be used to load malware onto your device. Try and plan your charging more strategically or get a portable charger so you can always keep your devices charged. You’ll be safe to use a normal wall plug so hunt for wall sockets rather than USB ports.

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