In today’s digital world, almost everything is done online and nearly everyone has an active email account. However, it can be easy to get complacent with the convenience of working online and forget about the dangers and vulnerabilities that come with it. Microsoft Office is one of the most popular platforms for businesses but have you done everything you can to make it safe?

Here’s all you need to know about making Microsoft Office 365 extra secure.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

If your passwords are weak or hackers find another way to access your system, they will find it much easier to gather personal information if you don’t have two-factor authentication. Office 365 users shouldn’t rely on a single password to safeguard their accounts as this is an easy way for hackers to gain access. To improve security, try enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Office 365 deployment.

Install a compatible anti-spam software

For additional security and protection, it’s a good idea to install a compatible anti-spam programme. Although your email system will have integrated spam detection, if you use Microsoft 365 on a large scale for your business, this can make you more vulnerable but with extra anti-spam software in place, your inbox will remain safe.

Create a strong password

Using strong passwords can make a big difference in your overall security. For example, try not to use actual words or phrases as they are easier to guess. Instead use a password generator or a random mix of numbers, letter and symbols. The current recommendations for strong passwords include at least 12 characters. Furthermore, you should have a unique password for each account so if somebody does gain access to your password they are unable to log in to everything.

MailCleaner offers anti-spam solutions that deliver amazing results. Our anti-spam software blocks up to 99% of email spam so you, your colleagues or students can feel safe online. For Microsoft 356 users, we offer compatible installations without disrupting the systems that you already have in place. Get in touch with us today to start your free trial or for more information.

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