How to Keep Your Online Business Network Running Smoothly

No matter how big your business is the last thing you want is to experience recurring problems. Whether it’s preventing security issues or maintaining online communication between departments, there are plenty of things that can keep things running smoothly.

Here are some top things that you need to consider.

Invest in anti-spam software

Almost all businesses rely on email so it’s integral that your email network is as safe as possible. Spammers often pose as team members to gain access to secure information or send dangerous viruses to make a network vulnerable – this is why you must have anti-spam software installed.

Use instant messaging

Nowadays the fastest way to communicate with colleagues is often via instant messaging. Most email networks will have a built-in system such as Microsoft Team or Google Hangouts so ensure that you’re using these efficiently to maintain good communication. Of course, formal emails are best suited to some scenarios but for quick messages and reminders, instant messaging is ideal!

Keep shared files well organised

A shared network means that everyone has visibility to the same documents so relevant people can edit, share and access files when necessary. However, you need to keep things organised. Separating folders by month, for example, makes it easier to find what you’re looking for instead of looking through endless files.

Update passwords regularly

Using the same password for everything is not a good idea. As a business, you should not only have different passwords for different accounts and secure files but you should also update them regularly. Doing so will prevent passwords from getting in the wrong hands! You should also encourage your employees to update their email passwords regularly – using a password generator is a great way of creating a new secure password.

At MailCleaner, you can rely on us to provide reliable solutions for your email network. Spam can be a major threat to your business especially when sensitive data is leaked but our anti-spam software is designed to keep your business safe. Once installed you can continue working as normal but with our reliable anti-spam programme protecting you in the background. Get in touch with us today for more information.