How to Boost Your Business’ Online Security in 2022

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Cybercriminals are getting smarter by the day, which means individuals and organisations need to constantly be stepping up their security measures in order to stay safe online. It’s estimated that a small or medium-sized enterprise gets hacked every 19 seconds in the UK, and around 88% of all UK organisations suffered at least one security breach in the past year. To make sure these figures are lower in a year’s time, MailCleaner has come up with some simple ways you can boost your business’ protection against cyberattacks. Keep reading to find out how to step up your security in 2022!

Invest in security

While it’s true that dependable security measures can be costly, a cyber breach would most likely be even more expensive for your business. Therefore, investing in security measures could actually end up saving you a lot of money.

It’s important to make cybersecurity a priority and establish exactly how much you can afford to spend on making sure your organisation is protected online. A little research into your security options will allow you to maximise your protection whilst still remaining within your budget.

Identify your most important assets

If your organisation has a lot of data, it might be worth establishing what is most important to protect – for example, things that are particularly valuable to your business or that would be very damaging if they were stolen or lost.

While it’s important to keep your entire network protected as much as possible, the things you identify as most important should be the main focus of your security measures. You might decide to implement end-to-end encryption on these files, employ secure storage systems, or restrict access permissions for unauthorised users.

Secure your email communications

Email remains the main communication method in the business world, but it certainly increases vulnerability to potential threats. It is estimated that phishing emails make up around one-third of all cyber attacks, so taking steps to make your business protected against phishing will improve your overall security.

This can be done in a couple of ways. The first is to ensure your staff are aware of the dangers of opening unexpected links or attachments and can spot potentially fraudulent emails. The second is to install anti-spam and anti-virus software on your network, which can intercept potentially harmful emails before they even reach a person’s inbox.

These software solutions can not only prevent phishing attacks and other cyberattacks, but also encrypt data when file-sharing, filter out non-harmful spam, and generally provide an extra layer of security.

Boost your anti-malware measures

Every business should have endpoint protection installed on all devices connected to its network, as well as on its servers. While this is a great initial security measure, businesses should also consider getting specialist anti-malware to provide extra protection against cyber threats and loss of valuable data.

Organisations should also ensure that they have a protocol in place to deal with a cyberattack, should the worst happen. Make sure you continuously back up your data – especially the data you cannot afford to lose – so that you can restore anything you need if you ever fall victim to a cyberattack.

MailCleaner can help you ensure your organisation stays safe and secure in 2022. We offer shared and virtual cloud-based anti-spam solutions with built-in anti-virus protection that can reduce your vulnerability to potential threats. Contact us today for more information.