It’s no secret that technology is developing at a rapid rate. We’re still experiencing the throes of the Information Age or Digital Age. Although the first personal computer was developed almost half a century now, the way that data can be monetised, politicised and even has the power to radicalise, remains new and in a constant state of flux. As the natural ancestor to the Industrial Revolution, this Information Revolution has changed the way that commerce, society and governments operate and communicate. With technology speeding up at an alarmingly quick rate – with no signs of slowing down – there are constantly new opportunities for evolution. However, that also means that cyber and email security systems need to evolve as well.

With every new development in tech, there’s a new threat that can also be developed to reach it. Just as developers tweak and change their programmes for tighter security, hackers and cybercriminals think of new ways of beating the system. Here, we take a look into the future to forecast some of the ways that cyber and email security will have to adapt to new threats.

Machine Learning For Cyber Crime and Cyber Security

Artificial intelligence (AI) is touted everywhere as one of the most significant developments in technology for the future. Computer systems are increasingly learning how to understand their environment and make their own decisions on the best course of action. This is being applied to every part of our lives, from the growth of autonomous vehicles to virtual assistant technology like Alexa.

However, as well as benefiting us in many ways, it also poses a threat; especially in the hands of cybercriminals. Although there are no significant recorded instances of AI computer viruses being released into computer systems, it probably won’t be too long. This sort of malware will be able to monitor the habits of its victim, as well as its closest digital contacts, and create incredibly convincing phishing emails. Luckily, the good guys are already onto this and AI is already actively being used by cybersecurity companies to keep up with what the criminals are doing.

Most cybersecurity professionals predict that an AI arms race will develop between nefarious hackers and the people trying to keep our systems safe and secure.

Cybercrime Regulation and Policing Will Catch Up

As the internet and cybercrime move so fast, it’s been hard for regulators to keep up. However, it’s predicted in the future that we will soon be able to call an online ‘police’ service to keep our servers safe. As threats continue to develop, so too will the regulators trying to control the internet and keep order

Studying Threats In Greater Detail

With technology developing for cybercriminals, allowing them to phish with greater accuracy and breach systems in more sophisticated ways, we must be able to study threats in new and more detailed ways as well. One of the best ways that cybersecurity professionals are saying that we can all keep up to date is with predictive threat analysis.

For too long, companies and organisations have been too passive about the threats of cybersecurity. Many operators wait until it’s simply too late to do anything. Once your customer’s data has been stolen, it’s already too late! By analysing previous threats, as well as what’s happening right now, business owners will be able to anticipate the threats posed to them much more accurately.

Data Manipulation

Data theft is becoming somewhat antiquated for cybercriminals. Once data has been stolen from an individual or organisation, it then has to sell it on to a willing buyer. However, that’s not always as simple as it sounds and it generally has to be done immediately after the cybercrime has been committed.

Some people are predicting that, soon, data won’t be stolen as much. Instead, it will be manipulated. For example, a cybercriminal could hack into a businesses system, manipulate their performance data so that there is an increase in stock value. If they’re clever and time it right, they may be able to make gains through the stock market rather than having to rely on dark-web buyers of personal or business data.

Weaponising Smart Tech

Smart tech has made life in the home and office much more convenient. From smart lights, smart CCTV and smart windows and mirrors, the Internet of Things (IoT) has swept through the technology sector. However, it may be open for cybercriminals to exploit. As connected devices communicate with each other, criminals may be able to hack their way into one device and gain access to the whole system. When entire supply chains and finance operations can be connected through the Internet of Things, this can cause chaos for a business. Getting into a connected system could be the perfect feeding ground for cybercriminals looking to steal or manipulate commercial data.

Criminals Selling Cybercrime Techniques

As well as committing crimes themselves, it’s also been suggested that many cybercriminals will begin selling their techniques online on the dark web! Almost like a cybercrime consultancy service, these activities will only breed more threats and see more people turning to cybercrime in the future. As volumes and attacks increase, it’s never been more important for cybersecurity professionals to combine experience to tackle the growing issue hand in hand.

Be Even More Vigilant Of Ransomware

Ransomware has been around for a while, but it looks as though it may become even more significant in the forthcoming years. The past five years have seen a steady increase in the number of ransomware attacks across the world. Most at threat are smaller businesses who lack the resources of large conglomerates and rely on the security of their customer data to keep trading and retain their reputation. If a ransomware attack happens to a smaller company, they are more likely to pay than a larger one, as financial or data loss simply means so much more to their livelihood.

Smaller businesses can protect themselves by being clued up about the signs of ransomware attacks and always having the most up-to-date technology installed. Working with companies like MailCleaner, you can ensure that you remain ahead of the curve and protect you and your staff from opening potentially harmful emails.


Deepfakes aren’t yet being weaponised as a means of cybersecurity, but more for spreading disinformation. Deepfakes are incredibly convincing faked videos of people speaking to the camera. As the tech becomes more sophisticated, cybersecurity professionals are becoming more concerned with how these are weaponised. Theoretically, a faked video of the CEO of a business could be spread throughout the internal staff email, asking employees to perform a task which would render the security open to hacking. Although this might be some way ahead in the future, security companies must begin preparing for these eventualities.

Spearphishing Emails Require Tighter Email Security

As mentioned before, the growth of AI will make phishing and spearphishing attacks much more sophisticated. Email attacks will look and feel far more real, so it’s important to always grow with the technology and constantly update your email security to ensure you remain ahead of the curve.

MailCleaner: If You Require Email Security Experts For Business, Look No Further

Here at MailCleaner, we’re experts when it comes to cyber and email security for businesses across Europe. The MailCleaner spam gateway is placed in between your main infrastructure and the internet. It can identify, isolate and catch attempts by third parties to breach your email servers through phishing emails and other forms of spamming.

We understand the vital role that emails play for most businesses and understand how disruptive phishing emails can be for your organisation. As such, we aim to stop any malware or potential threats from ever getting to any employee’s inbox. With more and more sophisticated ways of phishing always on the rise, you and your business must remain ahead of the curve.

We offer a wide range of flexible packages. This means that you can remain secure no matter what your budget it. Taking your business security should always be one of the highest priorities you have, which is why we develop our projects to suit you and your needs.

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