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Cyren Anti-Spam

MailCleaner offers the CYREN module (previously: Commtouch) as an option to the MailCleaner Virtual Appliance and MailCleaner Cloud Virtual Appliance. This additional function increases the performance of our product to more than 99% accuracy and four times greater processing capacity per server.

CYREN Anti-Spam Summary

Integrated by scores of world-leading security vendors and deployed in 130 countries worldwide, CYREN’s OEM Anti-Spam Solution delivers the highest accuracy/detection results, together with real-time blocking of spam in any language or format, including image-based spam.


Given the phenomenal distribution rates of today’s spam, the importance of real-time protection cannot be overestimated. A vulnerability gap of just 10 minutes can significantly reduce performance – so detection speed is essential. Commtouch achieves consistently superior performance thanks to its unique ability to detect spam outbreaks as soon as they emerge, and to block all associated messages in real time.


The CYREN solution blocks spam based on its most fundamental characteristic – its mass distribution. This makes it equally effective against all types of spam in any location, format, content, or language.

  • Analyzes billions of messages per day
  • Deployed in 130 countries
  • Support for double-byte spam detection
  • Integrated by leading security vendors


Whis CYREN option:

  • Higher detection rate
  • Greater processing capacity per server


The pricing for this option is simple: add 20% to the price of the basic MailCleaner Virtual Appliance Solution license.